Amelie C

I've been doing fitness and strength training with Nicky for 3 years. And I'm not planning on stopping any time soon!

Nicky is the best PT you can ever work out with. She's fun, knowledgeable, determined to help you with your goals or find you one if you cant think of any! She always has new exercises up her sleeves, never makes a week the same as the previous one, and makes you laugh in between crunches!

After these 3 years of working out with Nicky, my body has changed for the better. I am strong, in my body and my mind. 

On top of PT training, she also has extensive nutrition knowledge, which came in handy when I realised I had to lose a bit of weight. Her support and advice through it were amazing, and I lost the weight without depriving myself or feel like I was actually dieting. It was a holistic diet approach, sustainable (as still needed strength to keep on training) and I gained an amazing knowledge that I know I will keep on using every day.

I'd like to think Nicky is now a good friend that I look forward to seeing every week, and that I'll keep on seeing for a chat and a kettle bell lifting for the next years to come.

Thank you Nicky for your kindness, support, great sense of humour, and amazing butt and back muscles you've help me gained :)