Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent Offsite Review
Personal Training
Mar 14, 2016

Being tall and reasonably aerobically fit because of my activities I wanted a programme that would target core strength and flexibility, something I knew inwas lacking but that could only help me enjoy my sports further. I was also concerned that whatever I did would not increase muscle bulk or add any additional weight. Nicky understood my requirements and the logic behind them and, having established whether my goals were sensible, created a programme for me. As well as detailed written instructions she also created excellent video tuition and the two worked well together to remind me of how my form should be during exercise and how much it should hurt! I am now into the second part of the programme and I'm very pleased with the results. Core strength is making a big difference when playing football, cycling and windsurfing (not at the same time!). Nicky's interest in my progress is good and her keenness to review and plan for the next steps are infectious. I look forward to continuing to work with her on my current programme and would certainly use her for anything else I may consider in the future.