Sian B

Siân's review about
Personal Training
Apr 21, 2016

I thoroughly enjoy training with Nicky and the programme she has created for me – it is varied and challenging and the most effective form of exercise I’ve ever done. Having spent years on treadmills and cross trainers at the gym, I never quite achieved the results I was hoping for – a few weeks in with Nicky and I am seeing changes in my physique which keep me going back to the work-outs and push me to push myself further! Nicky listens to what I want to get out of the training and tailors my work-outs accordingly. I am grateful to her for showing me that I can achieve my fitness and body goals if I commit – once you see results, it is totally worth it – my limbs are stronger and leaner! Her guidance and encouragement really help too. I would recommend Nicky to anyone who wants to get strong, fit and healthy!